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Apr 08

Heavy Human Traffic – Music Online

By Anthony | News , Sticky Posts

So a few people have been asking about my original music?

I have recently started working with the very talented Tommy Rando and we are writing some original tracks together. I should have some things out later this year. Will keep you posted)

It’s been a fairly big hiatus from the original scene over the last 10 to 15 years, as I have been focusing in on the acting and also working on the cover scene (to pay the mortgage ha.)…

I was listening to my old original band Heavy Human Traffic and got all nostalgic. We recorded an EP, two albums and a live acoustic album. I had a blast working with Michael Brennan, Joe Sorace and Jerry Papadakis back in the day. I still gig with Joe every now and then on the cover scene in Melbourne.

I added these recently to all the online outlets, so you can find them on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc. I will post up the links separately. All this music is around 15 to 20 years old now OMG time goes by so quick. We all caught up recently and there were a few idle threats of a reunion gig. We shall see…

Listen to Heavy Human Traffic

Click on these below to go to check them out.

But anyways if you wanna check it out that would be ace.

I’m looking forward to being more active playing original music again in the near future.



Apr 03

Attached to Australian film – Nulla

By Anthony | News

Very excited to announce that I have just been attached to a new Australian independent film “Nulla”.

Set in the Nullabor plains, it promises to be a riveting and action packed thriller. The screenplay was written by Gary O’Toole and will be directed by James Cameron’s go to man Simon Christidis.

No firm shooting schedule as yet, but hopefully early 2018 cameras will be rolling.


Apr 01

Filming for Mutt has commenced

By Anthony | News

Filming for “Mutt”, has commenced over this last week.

I have enjoyed diving into the character of ‘Keith’ who runs a dog fighting ring. The story centres around a female character Odette who looses her dog during a break in to the family home. Through her investigative exploits she enters the shady world of dog fighting.

Filming will be happening over the next 4 weeks. Its promising to be full of large sets and big cast numbers and brought together on an extremely micro budget which is very impressive.

Check it out here:

Mar 15

7 Storeys Down – Melbourne Indie Film

By Anthony | News

A big shout out to all the cast and crew of “7 Storeys Down”. Thank you for having me on set and letting me have a bit of a play with you all.

Always great fun to be playing the tough guy. Even when you’re paired up with a 6ft 5 inch bodybuilder!!

Look out for this fantastic independent Australian feature film in late 2017.

7 Storeys down was written by Phoenix Raei and starring Kate Lister. Little Fish Films have done a commendable job bringing this production together.

Check it out here:

Feb 07

Oh Brother – premiere Screening

By Anthony | News

Awesome Evening to be had with the first screening of Oh Brother on Friday at the Loop Project Space & Bar in Melbourne.

I just want to say a huge shout out to all the cast and crew for a great effort all round. It was great to see the end result and also to see most of you again if only briefly. Cant wait to do it again.

Below is the full credits:

Director Vee Shi
Screenplay By Emily Kiko Komiyama


Malcolm Rogers – Anthony Sharpe
Philip Rogers – L Lloyd M Bissel
Melinda Atkins Emily Deague-Hall
Mason Portman Rob Taylor
Newsman Voiceover Ashley David Osgood

Producer Emily Kiko Komiyama
Liam Lacy
Srini Madhavan
Vee Shi
A. Producer Christine Komiyama
Hiroshi Komiyama
Troy Yan
Michael Gault

DOP Bashir Towdiee
1st AD Jessica Galea
2nd AD Kate Bennett
1st AC Stef Gole
2nd AC Alastair Duffield
Gaffer Matthew Myers
Sound Brendan Brendad
Production Assistant Michael Gault
Set Design Vee Shi
Emily Kiko Komiyama
Food Props Brennan Ray Cheong
SFX Makeup Katrin Towdiee
Makeup Mandy Chu
Carly Lennon
BTS Stills Maya Sugiharto
Aviva Minc
BTS Videos Jeanne Kent
Catering By Brennan Ray Cheong

Editing Vee Shi
Editing Consultant Shannon Michaelas
Sound Editor James Stepien
Colourist Alex Zemtsov
Stills Photography Maya Sugiharto
Poster Design Maya Sugiharto
Aviva Minc
Itziar Ñeh

Music By Zethu Mashika
Score Recorded at Control and Command Studios
Score Mixing and Mastering Mhlonipheni Ntshangase Locious Music