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Apr 08

So a few people have been asking about my original music?

I have recently started working with the very talented Tommy Rando and we are writing some original tracks together. I should have some things out later this year. Will keep you posted)

It’s been a fairly big hiatus from the original scene over the last 10 to 15 years, as I have been focusing in on the acting and also working on the cover scene (to pay the mortgage ha.)…

I was listening to my old original band Heavy Human Traffic and got all nostalgic. We recorded an EP, two albums and a live acoustic album. I had a blast working with Michael Brennan, Joe Sorace and Jerry Papadakis back in the day. I still gig with Joe every now and then on the cover scene in Melbourne.

I added these recently to all the online outlets, so you can find them on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc. I will post up the links separately. All this music is around 15 to 20 years old now OMG time goes by so quick. We all caught up recently and there were a few idle threats of a reunion gig. We shall see…

Listen to Heavy Human Traffic

Click on these below to go to check them out.

But anyways if you wanna check it out that would be ace.

I’m looking forward to being more active playing original music again in the near future.




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Anthony Sharpe is a Melbourne based actor and singer.

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